Drywall Services in Toronto and GTA

At Tetra, we understand the importance of quality craftsmanship when it comes to your home or commercial property.

That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive drywall services in Toronto and the GTA.

Drywall Services in Toronto and GTA

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Comprehensive Drywall Solutions

Comprehensive Drywall Solutions

Whether you’re renovating your space or building from scratch, our team of skilled professionals is here to provide you with top-notch drywall installation, repair, and finishing services.

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To address some of the most common inquiries upfront, we’ve compiled this FAQ section. Whether you’re wondering about our processes, materials, timelines, or anything else related to our Drywall Services in Toronto and the GTA

Minor drywall repairs like small holes or nail pops might be manageable as a DIY project. However, for extensive damage, uneven surfaces, or complex repairs, it’s recommended to hire a professional. Professionals have the expertise, tools, and experience to ensure a flawless and long-lasting repair that blends seamlessly with the existing drywall.

The specific process may vary depending on the extent of the damage. Generally, a professional will:

  • Assess the damage and recommend the best repair approach.
  • Remove any loose material or damaged drywall sections.
  • Apply mesh drywall patch or backing for larger holes or cracks.
  • Apply joint compound in layers to fill the damaged area.
  • Sand the repaired area smooth and level between each coat of joint compound.
  • Prime the repaired area for painting.

The repair time depends on the size and complexity of the damage. Minor repairs might take a few hours, while larger repairs or extensive wall sections could take a full day or longer. During the consultation, a professional can provide a more accurate estimate of the repair timeline.

The cost of drywall repair depends on several factors, including the size and complexity of the damage, the materials needed, and labor costs. It’s always best to get a free consultation and estimate from a qualified drywall professional.

While traditional drywall offers some soundproofing, we can explore additional solutions for your needs. We can discuss options like adding soundproofing insulation within the wall cavity or using specialized soundproof drywall panels during installation.

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